I reckon the internet is one of this best things ever created. The amount of information I have been able to source is truly amazing and I would sincerely like to thank anybody who has ever put something useful on the internet. If you are interested in tube amps and effects and the like, for example, try putting “Do it yourself tube amplifiers” into your search engine and see what you come up with!
In the guitar amp world, schematics (a technical drawing of your amplifiers’ innards) were once extremely hard to find. Fender are great because they generally provide a schematic as well as a user manual with their new amplifiers. Also the new Traynor 40 and 80 watt combos come with a schematic. But, thanks to the internet, most amp and FX schematics can usually be easily found. Some manufactures, like Fender, have schematics available from their websites but generally most (especially older) schematics are available on the net because some kind, conscientious and technically adept person has taken the trouble to track down the original schematic or actually draw it up themselves and post it.
What it really gets down to though is people sharing something they all love. I suppose it happens in all ‘special interest groups’ and musicians are no different. Musos love to get and give information about playing, equipment and stories from the road. It gives me a buzz to tell someone something they don’t already know about their gear which helps them get a better sound.
I would like to use my ‘Links’ page as a general info page for anybody interested in amps, guitars and music and I encourage anybody with any information to share to send me their details.

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