Turntable Repairs

I get a lot of enquiries regarding the repair of turntables and older tube/valve hi-fi amplifiers.
Up until now have I not been able to help as turntables are an extremely specialised area of expertise and something that quite honestly, I would rather not mix in with my guitar amp repairs.
So with that in mind, please allow me to introduce you to a brand new service in the Illawarra.

Bill’s Turntable Repairs

Bill Nakken operated his own electronics repair shop in Corrimal for over 15 years before moving on to pursue other interests.
With the current resurgence of vinyl and turntables he has seen the need for a repair centre, here in the Illawarra.
Rockdog Amp Repairs will be the drop off/pick up point for all your turntable and associated valve hi-fi amplifiers repairs.